Overcome challanges and masterer stressful

situations by tapping into your own skills

You have little or no control what happens around you, but you have a choice how you respond to it.  Learn how to tap into your full potential using our Stress Management program.

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Relaxation is a skill that needs to be learnt

Stress Management is a skill that needs to be learnt. In order to survive, evolution has provided us with the ability to respond quickly, speed up. The ability to regulate, to choose to speed up and slow down depending on the task on hand requires practice.

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Stay calm when life gets hectic

The vagus nerve informs the brain how the inner organs - such as gut liver, heart and lungs functions. The limbic system ,amygdala and insular cortex are involved in regulating emotions, behaviour, memory and energy . Using biofeedback allows you to tap into the potential of your breath.

By learning to stay calm, you can access a situation accurately and choose how to respond in the best possible manner.

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If your breathing is fast and irregular, the ability to assess a situation correctly diminishes. Mistakes can creep in and your body has to deal with a high level of stress hormones. 

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Overcome challenges and enhance your health and wellbeing 

Regulating the breath allows you to gain control over your heart rate. 

The visual feedback enhances your ability to regulate the breath and enhance the function of your heart, lungs and digestion.                                   It improves your ability to regulate the level of activation and enhances performances, health and wellbeing. 

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What is best for you?

Best results are achieved when your initial biofeedback session is combined with a Feldenkrais (Personal movement session). As part of the initial session a program is discussed to ensure you learn the skills to achieve your goals. 

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