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His professional qualifications works alongside his intuition ensuring amazing results. I personally lengthen in height, was able to breathe more deeply and felt empowered for daily life, with better ease of movement as well as sleeping more deeply. Kirsty Coulter. 

How can you achieve your goals?

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Best Results

Personal experience and research has shown that best results are achieved by a combination of personal sessions and attending the group classes. Classes are recorded and the lessons are available in mp3 formats.

If you new to the Feldenkrais Method, a personal session with Thomas is the way to start. It will give you an actual experience on how you can benefit and tap into your potential to learn, change and improve. As part of the initial session you can discuss how to best achieve your goals.

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Personal sessions

Tailored to your individual needs 

By focusing on your potential rather your problems, it is amazing what kind of change is possible. Experience  your brain's capacity to change, learn and improve. Neuroplasticity at it's best that will enhance any activity that involves movement. 

 Tap into your own inner potential and enhance the way you move. Experience ease, power and comfort.              Focus on on your potential rather than your problems.


Group classes

Overcome challenges, aches and pains

Participating in a weekly classes enables you to remain active. It helps to prevent and enables you to recover more quickly from injuries, falls and accidents.

Tap into your own inner potential and enhance the way you move. Experience ease, power and comfort.                   The ability to change and improve never stops. Regain ease, power, balance and confidence.

Group classes are suitable for all ages and level of fitness. If you suffer from an acute condition, a personal session is recommended.

Which Approach works best for me?

Choose a plan works best for you


Intensive & Acute

2-3 sessions a week

Choose this plan  of you suffer from an acute condition, want to recover quickly from an accident, major injury or regain balance after hip or knee replacement.

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Enhance health

1 session 2-4 weeks

If your aim is to continue to improve and experience even greater ease, power and comfort, this plan will assist you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

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Monthly top up

Maintain Health

Do you enjoy being active and want to ensure it stays like that, book a monthly session. Experience the ease and comfort in all the activities that are important 

Where do you find us?

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Group class

Nelson - Tues 10:30am


Starting 21st May

Nelson Centre of Musical Arts ,

48a Nile Street, Nelson 

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Group class

Richmond - Thur 10:30am & ONLINE

Richmond town hall - 9 Cambridge street, Richmond

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Personal sessions

128 Hardy st - Nelson

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Understand the underlying principles

Skeletal support

Tap into the strength and support the skeleton provides. Only when you access your skeletal support can the muscles relax and movements will become powerful and effortless 


Coordination between the different muscles groups is the answer. Movement is like driving a car, you either have one foot on the accelerator or the break. When you are in pain, all the muscles tend to tighten. It is like having one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the break simultaneously. To enhance performance and comfort your brain needs to learn which muscles to relax and lengthen and which muscles to contract, shorten.                    

Positive change

"Movement is like learning a new language". First you have to learn correct pronunciation. When you can pronounce a word correctly, you can say it as loud and as fast as you wish.                                                                                                 Learn how your brain can change and improve the interplay between the various muscles leading to greater comfort in your body.                    

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