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We live in a world of challenges and unexpected events that are unsettling and stressful for many of us. Learn practical skills to stay centred in everyday activity. 




His professional qualifications  works alongside his intution ensuring amazing results.

I personally legnthen in height, was able to breathe more deeply and felt empowered

for daily life, with better ease of movements and sleeping more deeply.  Kirtst Coulter



Why Choose us?

We take care of your individual needs and tailor our programs, supporting you in achieving your goals.

Personalised solutions

We take care of your individual needs and tailor our programs, supporting you in achieving your goals.

Wide range of Programs

You can choose from a wide range of practices and programs depending on your own unique needs.

Proven to be effective

Research and experience has shown that the practices stood the test of time and enabling you to tap into your own unique skills and potential.

High STandard

Ongoing training and education is a corner stone of our business. This ensures we can maintain a high standard and offer the best possible service and solutions.

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Thomas Spring 

Dip. CFP, HP, Sat Yoga

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Our Services

Feldenkrais            Ease, Power & Confidence  

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Prevent falls and recover more quickly from injuries . Enhance your performance in everyday activity. Overcome aches and pains by addressing the cause of your problems and create long term solutions. 

Yoga - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living 

V2 Asana - Yoga Nidra

We teach you the practices beyond the poses - bringing Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra together with new insights and techniques that will enhance your practice to bring new vitality and possibilities to your life. 

Biofeedback -      Learn how to manage Stress   

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Learn how to stay calm when life gets busy. Discover your breath as an effective stress management.

Online live classes Feldenkrais & Yoga 

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Practice from the comfort of your home. Learn practical skills to move with ease, power and confidence. Stay calm and centred when life gets busy and hectic. 

Online courses - tailored to your needs

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Are you living a busy life and want to use your time effectively?

Choose from a wide range of courses based on your individual needs and goals. Practice when and where it suit

Workplace programs - Inquire now

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Mindfulness, working more comfortably with digital devices are just some of the programs we offer. 

Learn how you can support your staff and provide them with the skills they need to excel.

Where do you find us?

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Feldenkrais class


GrTrafalgar Hall, 67 Trafalgar Street, Nelson 

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Feldenkrais class

in Richmond

Richmond town hall - 9 Cambridge street, Richmond

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128 Hardy street, 1st floor, Nelson     Home visit available 

What clients saying

Carolyn lives an active life and enjoys music and working in the garden.

Tania offers Pilates classes, teacher trainings and workshops. She loves sals dancing and art.

Margaret shares all the benefitsshe had gained from regular personal sessions and attending group classes.

Margaret is 87 years old


Since 1997

About us

I grew up in Switzerland. For a decade Karate was my passion, both training as well as teaching. In our club was a nice blend of traditional values and incorporating modern training methods. The principles of neuroplasticity were used to enhance performance.

I worked as a joiner and after further study, qualified in project management. In 1994  moved to Nelson. My long held fascination in learning and movement was the motivation to stay in various fields of health. Through the Feldenkrais method I learnt how to move with ease, power and confidence. It enabled me to discover new choices, new ways of being.

In 2001 I had the good fortune to train at the Bihar School of Yoga, the first Yoga University in the world. I have come to appreciate the ancient yogic philosophy with it's scientific, practical applications in daily life. It helps me to stay grounded and balanced while dealing with busy, at times challenging events that life can present.

I have taught courses and workshops within New Zealand, Australia, USA, Germany and Switzerland. I am one of the Assistant Feldenkrais trainers in the upcoming training held in New Zealand.

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