What is good Stress Management?

What is good Stress Management?


What do you consider is good stress management? Is it the ability to relax and disconnect what is going on around you? From my experience and observation good relaxation is an active process. A person's ability to speed up and slow down. The ability to stay within the present moment.

Changing gear - in a circle

Good Stress Management is similar like driving a car, the ability to change gear and respond to what is going on around you. Are you able to stay calm and centred when life is challenging? 

The ability to speed up when a situation requires it. Physically being able to move and respond quickly, mentally staying calm and alert. Like Moshe Feldenkrais use to say. Speed up but don't rush.

Stress management in a circle

 Stress Management is a skill that needs to be practiced in order to be effective. Nature has provided us with the skill to respond quickly to increase our changes of survival. 

 Modern lifestyle has contributed to sensorial overload. Through the use of digital devices we are exposed to bombardment of sensory stimulation. As a result the body is producing more stress hormones. 

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